Any way to look up an email address in Exchange?

We have a variable # of emails that need to out periodically, depending on how many people are doing x each month. We have a standard address format, so in many cases we could just construct the address as we need them, but there are exceptions and some addresses don’t conform. Rather than have our robot reference a list of addresses, which somebody is then going to have to maintain, I’d really to just be able to look them up as I need them.

Don’t see any activities in Exchange Integration that look like they do this however.



Well depending on your email and username infrastructure, you could get the currently logged in user and create the email address that way like I think it’s System.Environment.Username but you can probably find some answers on that searching the forums or even google.

If you desire, I’m fairly sure you can also access the Active Directory through, powershell, or other means. I’m not sure how to use that information though without a user’s name or mailbox account name of some sort. I can’t provide further info on looking at AD cause it’s something I would need to research on.

It might be beneficial to also consider using a shared mailbox. The updated Get Exchange let’s you access the Inbox in the shared mailbox.

I hope you find this helpful.




Thanks Clayton. Some useful suggestions. The task is to generate and send an email to every person who’s name shows up in a downloaded feed file. Right now we maintain an Excel table with emails listed for each name, but then that has to be maintained etc. Why not just get it from the source?

Actually, we can deduce the email for probably 90% of the names because the company’s norm is to assign an email address that consists of first initial + last name. That doesn’t ensure a unique value however so there’s that subset with a non-standard name.

I’ll look to see if I can find a VB or C# function anywhere that I can perhaps invoke.