Lookup email address in Outlook/Exchange address book

Hi. Are there any activities for searching Exchange contacts lists for email address, based on ‘firstname lastname’, ‘lastname, firstname’ or any variation(s) thereof? Or do we have to go through the Outlook UI?




Did you get the solution for this. I am looking for the same. I need to extract Phone and Name based on email address.

NItesh Kumar

No, and I’ve been working on other projects so haven’t had time to look into further.

Did anyone have any joy with this? Didn’t want to open another Question.
So far the workaround is pretty tedious.
Open Outlook > Ctrl Shift B to Open Address Book > Type Into > Scrape Results.

Not ideal solution though :frowning:

Has anyone tried going down the Active Directory route to obtain the email details?

if Anyone looking for this requirement. Please vote in this below link:

@balupad14 I checked your library BalaReva.EasyOutlook.Activities It has Get All Contacts which is getting timed out. Can you add Get Specific Contact based on input Name.

Is anyone still looking for solution? I got one programmatically. Let me know if you still need it.

Hi. I might need the solution for this. Can you share please? thank you

Hi Sai, I’m looking for the solution to get email address from directory by providing first name and last name

Hie, Sai.

Would you be so kind and share with me your project? Thank you.

I’d like to see how you did this. Thank You