Any plan for supporting Microsoft Edge

Hi, is there any plan for UiPath to support the Microsoft Edge ? because Edge is gone to transfer to chromium core, and our company will force all the webpage to be opened in the Edge by the end of this year.

I think in the new versions of uipath, Microsoft edge browser is supported.

Can u check all the recent updates from uipath

Refer the below post for reference

Hi @Lampard

The 2019.4 will have it :slight_smile:

Community Edition already does, but it should make its way to the Enterprise 2019.4 as well.

Thanks for the information sharing.

Unfortunately the extension checks the Windows version and in our company we are some minor versions of Windows 10 behind. Anybody knows a workaround for this?

Hi @moenk

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

I was not aware there is a requirement, but if there would be, the extension would indeed inform you about it.

It might be that Edge support is simply dependent on the new features of Windows. If you happen to be an enterprise customer, feel free to reach out to our technical support to learn more.

I managed to get Windows 10 1809 and this solves this issue.

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