Any example or sample code for Salesforce automation using its APIs

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Can someone explain or share some basic code of salesforce automation using its APIs.

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Have a view on this docs…


Thanks NaNi :slight_smile:

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I have read the documentation however I am looking for actual examples of using the Lightning REST API Request, I have tried using Connector for Sales Force Automation however I have had issues with that package recently and would prefer to use the official package. There seem to be little to no examples provided that relate to that package activity that I can find.

Hi @tyler.teschon ,

It is basically a customized rest api call, assuming you have general concepts about how to consume a REST API you may try this:

  • Connect using Workday application scope


  • Fill in the properties based on the method you’re trying to execute


You will get such information from salesforce’s lightning api documentation

Reference | REST API Developer Guide | Salesforce Developers

Thanks, yes I did figure out my issue. Will post example when I get the chance.