Salesforce Activity or API for UiPath Bot to send Docusign

Problem statement :
UiPath can click or send out docusign documents from Salesforce on Agent’s behalf?

It is possible using UI automation but looking for other options - connectors or API’s?

@paul.hoeffer - Any thoughts or suggestions on this?

UiPath has native (API) integrations with both Salesforce & DocuSign:

Salesforce 1.5.1 : Salesforce Activity Pack - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace
DocuSign 1.0.0: DocuSign - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

These are from the robot, but there is also a Salesforce connector that allows Salesforce to call the robot directly too.

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@paul.hoeffer - I have gone through these connectors but can’t find any activity to click and submit " Send with DocuSign" as mentioned in Salesforce case screenshot.

This DocuSign activities under preview - do we have any option options apart from UI Automation, using UiPath.DocuSign.Activities.1.0.0-preview.

Maybe we need to back up and understanding what you are trying to do. If you are trying to automate the UI of Salesforce then you can do that using selectors and there is no activity pack needed, as automating a web UI is out of the box functionality for a robot / UiPath Studio.

If you want to use native integrations and not automate your process, then the activity packs will help in this regard.

Hope that helps,


DocuSign integration is already done in Salesforce. As per above screenshot, Bot has to attach Docusign and click this option in UI - “Send with DocuSign”.

I’m looking to automate this without UI Automation (selectors) - looking for REST API or Activities in any connectors.

I’ll have to defer to someone else to talk about automating the UI, that’s not my area of expertise. I can say that we have native (API) integration to both DocuSign & Salesforce, and doing what you are asking via those integrations should be straight-forward, and the robot also allows you to do more than just the uni-direction integration as I’m sure you are aware.