Salesforce CRM - Rest API

Hello Everyone,

I want to Use Salesforce CRM as Database for my project and im using Trail version of Salesforce,Do i need to buy any Package from Salesforce to access Rest API services??or can we access the same from trail account.


Can you explain ? You want to access the salesforce API ? or you want to access any API in the sales force?

I want to access salesforce API to connect with uipath

Yes. You can do that easily.

Please go through the documentation of Salesforce and the in uipath studio, install uipath.web.activities .

You will get http request activity in the studio. Just drag that and the Salesforce URL in that. Add the required parameters also. You are done @Sravanthi_Anu

Additionally, there are some custom packages built for interacting with Salesforce. We use the Salesforce.Connector.Activities package for a few of our automations and it works well.

Oh, but in order to do custom API, some options are only available in paid Salesforce. Do keep that in mind, too, so while a lot of things should work there might be some more complex operations that simply aren’t available to you.