Annoying "read error on references.db" when saving

Since a few weeks ago I’m experiencing an annoying, recurring error I’ve never experiencied before, mostly when using Save All but also simply Save and sometimes when doing other actions that don’t imply an explicit “save” action on my own. It displays the “read error on ‘[path of the project]/.locl/db/references.db’ calculating similarity hashes: The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file.” string.

You click “ok”, then you try saving again and then it usually works, but it’s so annoying because it shows up almost on every attemp, more than 50% I’d say.

This happens with whatever the project I’m working on, and I have only one running instance of Studio, and I’m not locking the file on my own by any means, and I haven’t installed anything on my Windows that I’m aware of. Not even using an antivirus or anything that could lock the file I’m aware of.

Is anybody here paying attention to this?

Almost a month and not even a reply.

Another screenshot, for the sake of documenting it further.

It happens a lot of times a day every time I try to “Save all”.

Hi @pere ,

Have you found any solutions for this error? We are facing the error while trying to compile a process in Studio and it occurs intermittently.

No @midhunsug661 ; the only thing I noticed is that I’m not experiencing it so often.
Maybe having more than one instance of Studio open has something to do.

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