References.db Causing Issues When Compiling

I am having issues compiling a project because of the following error:

References.db calculating similarity hashes: The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file


I recently took over this process from someone else and recovered the code from a git repository. However, now it shows open and unpushed commits in Studio…so I am wondering if that is where the “locking” is happening.

Any thoughts? Thanks

  1. Examine the running processes:
    Make that no other processes are utilizing or locking the file “References.db.” Close any programs or processes that may be using this file.

  2. Relaunch UiPath Studio:
    Close and reopen UiPath Studio. A restart can sometimes free file locks created by the Studio itself.

  3. Check the File Permissions:
    Check that you have permission to access and modify the file “References.db.” Examine the file’s file-level permissions as well as the folder’s folder-level rights.