Annoying problem with the letter "&"

Hello everybody,
I have a small, but annoying problem, when I write the string of a file, which contains the letter “&”.
My stream must check x each file on the cloud, if there is a backup on the network folder.
To do this, with a GET ATTRIBUTE, I get the name of the object on the cloud, and I check with a PATH EXIST if it exists in the folder.


Everything works, but when objects are created that contain the symbol “&” in the name, the bot goes into error.
I think there are problems writing the name to disk which contains the & symbol.
Is there a way to fix it?


Hello @AaronMark ,

I did a check, this character ‘&’ is allowed in folder/file names on Windows environment.
What is the exactly error that you face?
As an idea, maybe is Ok to replace that character, in your code.
Did you run the process with Debug option from Studio?