Error in UiPath Studio activities with String value

Hi Friends,

I am getting one weird issue while searching a string value in Excel file using Lookup Range.

I have a string variable "Hello "&World I want to find this value and get the range of the cell in excel file.

I am searching with “Hello " + “””" + “&”+"World"

But I am getting the backslash symbol ** in my string variable and the robot is getting stuck.

I am unable to find why the " \" is appearing in the variable. When I tested the value with Log message activity, it is appearing correctly but in LookUp Range Value, the backslash is adding ** and the robot is unable to search the value.

Please find the below screenshot for the same.

Please do the needful
@Palaniyappan @Vibhor.Shrivastava @balupad14

Eshwar Sai

Can you please share your workflow / excel, so that i can check the issue.


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Sure Latika. I will share the test workflowTestDD.xlsx (8.8 KB) Main_QuotationMarks.xaml (6.8 KB)

The problem is that when the robot was trying to search for the string using Lookup range the symbol \ is appearing.

if we can observe the same string value in Log Message activity, it is not appearing as mentioned in the screenshot

I had to add single double quote and Ampersand symbol in my variable in order to find required value and identify the cell range in my excel file