Anchor base & Relative Anchor

What is the difference between anchor base and relative anchor ?

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Fine, I hope you mentioned relative scrapping as relative anchor,
so the difference is
Anchor base activity we will be having a anchor defined in the left side of the activty (by default, but the position of the anchor can be changed as well), with activities like Find element, Find Image activities, and on the other side we will be having activities like click activity, click image, click ocr text and any input related activities like type into activity etc…
So it implies that anchor base will take one element or image as anchor, that means that element or image would be there for sure to the place from where we are going to access the text or enter the text we want…So it directly deals with the element
we got an example of how it works, have a glance at this once buddy

–While coming to relative scrapping, though it functions as same as anchor base activity, but with different approach, yes the term scrapping in the word itself says that, we are going to set a rectangle shaped region next to the Anchor element or image, so any word that comes within the selected region, selected pixel of region, that would come out as our output…Fine how does that region is been set, yes using Set Clipping Region activity helps us to do that to select the region of output we want
For more info on screen scrappng, this will add some addition insights to you buddy

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by relative anchor i meant relative selector that we use from the UI explorer (i.e indicator anchor and then indicate element). Thanks for replying