Anchor Popup while recording a process

so when ever i click on the any tabs like file , edit etc while using any kind of recording like basic or desktop ,i always get this popup and my robot does not function properly (it shows timeout after few seconds of not response)

what is the solution?

try to find a reliable selector. This popup occurs because the element that you are looking for has variable selectors.

Use UiExplorer and get a reliable and good selector for the action that you need.


Hello @mnkyboii,

If you want to use an anchor check these links:

If you do not want to use an anchor you only have to check “Do not show again during this recording session” option.



Try using Hotkey activity for File (Alt+f), Edit(Alt+e) etc and indicate the whole window :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Pablo,

I am learning Uipath Level 1 Developer Foundation.

How to find a reliable selector and edit selector yourself or use UiExplorer and get a reliable and good selector ? Please reply asap