I am trying to get value from the following link using the “Anchor base” activity, getting the attached error also I’m trying to extract ‘LTP’ column in the website.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Pavan_kumar15

Can You
Try With Open Browser / Attach Browser

Thanks Cheers…

Hi @Darshit_Vekariya,

I have used Open Browser / Attach Browser

Then a Find element selector issue Try To Different Anchor Using Find Element Activity Selector

Hi @Pavan_kumar15,

Can you please try to revisit the Selectors of anchor.

Kindly re-indicate the selector of anchor base again and try it out

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Pavan_kumar15

If you want to extract the Symbol and LTP column then try the below file (985.1 KB)


NSE.xlsx (9.3 KB)


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