An exception appeared when append DT to DB : Operation must use an updateable query

Hi buddies! I have met a confused problem when the robots append data table to the Access simultaneously.

My process is published to 10 end users for recording data during their daily works. After one person prepared the Data, the robot will append data to a common Access file. Sometimes 2 or more robots will append data simultaneously. When this happened, only the first guy will success , but the following guys will failed and robots will throw an exception “Operation must use an updateable query”.

The activity’s name is “Insert” which belongs to the dependency “UiPath Database Activities”. And I have not much knowledge about SQL and Database.

Any suggestions or solutions are welcome, thank you!

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Hey @zhangbw

Since you are saying multiple updation at the same time, It’s better to use the transactional way of doing it.

Also, I hope you are not trying to do any duplicate records ?


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Thanks for your suggestion. So the transactional way you mentioned is the activity “Start transaction” belongs to the dependency?
By the way, before the robot appends DT to the Access , it will backup the DT with timestamp to a local notepad first. So this is why I can find the reason for this exception.

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