Exception on Database Bulk Update activity

Hi all

I’m encountering another issue with this time a different batch database activity.

Last time, it was the BulkInsert, that always threw an exception with mismatch of datatypes, specifically with numeric type, whereas the Insert activity (which has the same input properties) works perfectly well.

This time it is the BulkUpdate activity. I have populated all of the required input properties and it keeps throwing exception “No value given for one or more required parameters.”

I have seen one other thread on the forum on this, but the solution offered was not to use it and indeed it seemed that it wasn’t the correct one to use.

My context is using Stuido 22.10.3, System activities 22.10.3, database 1.0.7. I’m also using an OLE DB (the 2016 MS ACE 640 bit driver) source to update records in an named range in an Excel file, not a SQL DB. Perhaps this is the cause?

Although not stated on the UiPath activity help pages, I’ve seen on the forum that you can’t use Insert or Delete commands on a SQL Query to an OLE DB source such as Excel and that makes sense since it would require moving rows of data within a range up and down.

Update SQL command works perfectly well vie OLE DB (both to named and explicit ranges) so would expect BulkUpdate to work well - other than as stated previously that the BulkInsert to SQL DB appears to be broken.

Thoughts/advice appreciated. @uipath, some guidance would be welcome on whether this activity is suitable to use with an OLE DB source.

I have an alternative, to build a utility workflow that will accept a data table and for each row attempt to update the row in the target OLD DB table. If record not found, it will have option as argument to either throw SE, ignore or insert record. This would be more useful than Bulk update anyway,

I would need to consider using Database Transaction activity, so that on error on update (if required) it would roll-back all of the updates made to that point.