An error occurs when converting a Windows-Legacy version project to a Windows version in uipathteam.subtitle.activities

I am a community user and use the “uipathteam.subtitle.activities” in the Market Place for several projects of Windows-Legacy.

When I convert a project including this package from Windows–Legacy to Windows, I get the following error.

Main.xaml: Cannot create unknown type ‘{clr-namespace:UiPathTeam.Subtitle.Activities;assembly=SubtitleActivity}DisplaySubtitleActivity’.

So the question is, does anyone know how to convert a project containing this package without errors?

I couldn’t think of a way to do that, so I followed the steps below. However, this method is not smart.

  1. Remove all activities of this package from this project.
  2. Uninstall this package from this project.
  3. Again, install this package from the marketplace.
  4. Place activities in the flow and set various properties before deletion.

Attach the zip file of the sample project and the recorded file during the conversion work.
Dear conversion experts, please share your cool solutions! (73.3 KB)


I think step 2 and 3 will recover this issue.

First remove the dependency

Then reinstall it.



Thanks for your reply @Yoichi .
I’ve got your advice.In case of this sample project, I was able to convert without any problems by following the steps below.
1.Open the Windows-Legacy project in Studio and convert it.
2.In the converted project, remove the dependency of “UiPath.Team.Subtile.Activities” according to your advice.
3.Again, install this package from the marketplace.
4.Another dependency issue remains, but save and close the project once.
5.Open the Windows version of the project again, follow Studio’s automatic dependency repair dialog, repair it, and overwrite the project. I was able to do the conversion in two steps. Your advice was very helpful for me.

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