Alteryx API Connector

Trying to configure UIPath to connect to Alteryx.

  1. Grabbed the UIPath.Alteryx.Activities package from Studio and installed it
  2. Followed the setup instructions to grab the client ID and secret Key from Alteryx and then the instructions kind of drop off. Entered the ID and secret key into the config connection field within the body of the Alteryx Application Scope but when I try to test connection get error:
    The HTTP status code of the response was not expected (401)

Can I just set this up with the uipath.alteryx.activities package in UIpath, or do I have to install a corresponding connector on Alteryx side to complete the authentication? Or what am I missing…

Thank you

Hi @jackie.johnson,

Did you have the opportunity to watch this video? Follow the steps and share the errors you get.


Hi Muhammad

Thank you for this video link! I’m still getting error: “The HTTP status code of the response was not expected (401)”

Do I need something on the Alteryx side?
maybe a port opened?
Firewall or DNS?

I recognize that this should be easy, so thinking it’s environmental restriction.

Got it, the solutions I found for this problem are as follows.

For accessing the API that’s using a localhost Server, the url would be http://localhost/gallery/api-docs/#subscription