Alternatives to Cyberark for Windows session credentials

Are there any plans to introduce integration with other 3rd party credential managers aside from Cyberark?

I am working with a company which has an alternative Enterprise solution in place so is very reluctant to spend a lot (and I mean A LOT) more money on moving to Cyberark just for the benefit of integration with UiPath, but is reluctant to allow an RPA deployment with the robots credentials being managed outside of their existing solution (i.e. in Orchestrator).

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Hi @Foehl

What credential managers do you have on your mind? There are a few being considered for future releases, but as with any feature, it will need be prioritized accordingly.

Specifically Passwordstate; Lastpass and BeyondTrust.


And also any plans on activities to get credentials directly from credential managers into uipath workflow?

Now we’re using Cyberark to store only the credentials of robots, it will be more useful if we get to use Cyberark to store generic credentials.

Any update on this one? We are also looking for Orchestrator robot credential integration with BeyondTrust.

App activities for generic credential is not as important as it can be formulated/retrieved using rest API or UiPath’s own automation during runtime. However, company policy forbids direct storage of credentials (in Orchestrator), so there is really no way around it during robot set up.

My organization is also interested in a BeyondTrust integration.

Hi @cjackson824

I can’t be specific about dates, but there is a plan to allow Orchestrator some level of customization in this regard (basically making it possible for custom implementation of all kinds of credential managers). Stay tuned.

Tuning in to also chime in for Beyond Trust as a credential management option.

Hi @loginerror

Is there any Feedback from this yet? Especially using BeyondTrust?

Hi @RuanSwardt

This was added in the latest versions of our on-prem Orchestrators, see here:

Note - specific credential stores are not available out of the box, but you can add them as a plugin depending on your specific requirements.

Given this feature has been added, I will mark this topic as completed.

Hi, I am unable to find this page. Can you please provide more information on the third party plugin ?

I believe that is it: