Alternative to Element Exist?

Hi guys

Is there an alternative to element exist in UiPath ? I keep getting errors with it

My bot performs 95% of the time the same actions on the same web page but sometime it goes to another page and I just want the bot to ignore this page and go back to the previous and continue performing its actions.

I used element exist to allow the bot to go back, but its work very badly.

Any alternative pls, I just want the bot to go back to previous page when the page changes, just that

thank you

Hi @kaiji_San ,

If you were to switch over to Modern Design, then you should see an activity called Check App State.

Its an activity that performs all the operations of an Element Exists and On Element Appear/Vanish, but even better.

But it seems as though that its not the Activity that you’re facing an issue with, but with the website redirecting you to another page.

When you say that the page “changes”, is it due to an advertisement?
Few examples would be helpful, but for now try using the Check App State and see if that works out for you.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

Hi @kaiji_San ,

In my opinion element exist is the best way to find out whether we are in correct navigated page or not because it will not fail and return Boolean value to tell us we are in correct page or not.

Try with element exist + navigate to activity when you want re direct to correct page. Thanks

this activity is no joke man :), I can keep my automation super fast and the bot always manage to go back to that initial state everytime, wonderfull

thank you

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