Alternative of delay Activity

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Do you guys can help me by telling what would be the alternative of delay activity? i have a workflow which downloading some Packages on command prompt. the downloading time is different for each. and i have to copy all text after it complete the downloading. and based of copied text i need to show message that it is downloaded successfully or not.

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its based on the process
May i know what activities are involved in the workflow
Cheers @deepa.barode

Instead of delay activity, you can use while loop with a condition to exit.

In while loop, keep reading the command prompt text.
Once you find successful or not successful, exit the while loop.

Karthik Byggari


So , I have open application then i type command by using type into activity then i have use delay activity to wait for some time in which downloading the process is taking place and then send a hot key to copy the text.

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