Related to Time required between two activities

Can anyone help me to find alternate on Delay activity, below are details

I need to run particular report which takes any time, that means, there are around 17 clients, and each takes different time to run the report, 1 may take 2 min another may take 3 min and so on…

So i have used Delay and gave 2 min time to go to next activity, but sometimes it fails.

So is there any alternative where i can make next activity run only when my report ready for download.


I have a few questions for you:
are you using the framework? or just sequences or flow charts?
and how would you know if one step was successful?

I am using Framework

delay activity should be the last thing you use after having exhausted all other options. you would rather have conditional checks and set transaction status.

The reason I asked how would you know if the step was successful is because I wanted to suggest a solution based on your project, for example, if you are using a read range activity, how you would know if it was successful is checking if the output DataTable is not empty then if it is empty you would set the transition status to failed.

Related to question how i know step is successfull,

I am trying to run report from Internet Browser.
And I have given next activity of download the report after it displays on screen.


Let me ask you a question are you using Studio or StudioX ?


I am using studio x

Cool , then I have to ask when you click the download report button is then the report being created or you have to click another button and then do the waiting and then download the report ?


I have to click on run report first then after some time reports displays on screen and then i click on export or download button. So it may take any time to display report on screen first