Allowable entries for the ForEach field in the "For Each" Activity

I’m trying to understand what are the possible values I can enter in the ForEach field in the “For Each” Activity. I have used the following so far in my sample demos.

  • Item
  • Row
  • Col

Is there an exhaustive list of all the possible things I can type into this box?



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The Name (e.g. Item, row…) Is a variable Name choosen by you. IT represents the current Item, when iterating over e.g. an Array, list…

The Name is Not triggering a specific Type e.g a datarow, a String from String list … The Datatype of what the (Iteration)Item is, requires to get configured in the settings (ObjectType).

So there is not a predefined list in place triggering a Type by Name. All is configured as mentioned above.

Let us know If you have more Open questions on this



Welcome to the uipath community.

You can write any meaningful name here.

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Hi @lrferns

Item is fine ,But it depends if you have something you need to iterate and if you want to be descriptive you can do so !

cheers :smiley:

Happy learning :smiley:

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Hi, @ lrferns,

you can use most of you whant for exemple i have a workflow where i use

ForEach --> Sheet
In --> “C:/…/2019_Test.xlsx”

You can use
ForEach --> File
In --> “C:/…”

Most of what you use day by day in a computer can be used here

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Thank you all for your quick support!

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