DataRow does not contain definition for 'Item' and no accessible extension method 'Item'

This is a pretty simple bot I’m putting together and I’m extremely new to UiPath so this might be an easy fix!
I am trying to reference a column in excel and copy this information and type it onto a pdf document. For some reason Whenever I use row.Item(“Column name being referenced”) in my type into activity or copy file activity it gives me the same error shown in the picture.

Hi @Brandon_Seamons

Please try,


As you are using C# the syntax you used is for VB


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Hi @Brandon_Seamons

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Please use row[Columnindex] or row[ColumnName] in your code.

row[0].ToString OR row[“ForeignPartnersName”].ToString

Hope this will help you. Thank you.


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Your syntax is correct but i hope you are not using this inside “ForEachRow”.
Are you using ForEachRow? If not use ForEachRow activity and in the body use the same function

Syntax : Currentrow.item(“Columnname”).tostring

Currentrow is the defined variable for “ForEachRow”.