Allocating Unattended Licenses

We are setting up our “unattended” virtual machine and I had initially allocated our unattended license to this machine. However, when creating a machine template on our DEV machine, I noticed there is no option for an unattended license. That got me thinking - does the unattended license need to be allocated to the DEV machine or do the machine template/robot/automation need to be set up on the unattended machine? If the latter is the case, how do you publish automations to the PROD/unattended machine if they were created in the DEV environment?

Hi @ashley.n.andres,

When you say dev machine, I understand that you have only studio license allocated to that machine.

And yes if environments dev, uat are separated, usually in dev environments, only studio licenses will reside and in uat, non production licenses would be there to be able to run automations from orchestrator.

Package deployment to prod from dev can go something like below:

  1. Doing development on dev machine
  2. Performing testing on dev machine
  3. Then if there is an additional uat/non-prod environment in between, then publishing package to uat orchestrator and perform uat from there.
  4. To take package to prod either from dev or from uat, you would need to publish package to your machine by using custom option while publishing, then keeping that package in a repository or lan drive(if prefer using that) and then manually uploading that package into prod orchestrator.

Alternatively, you can simply publish your package on dev/uat orchestrator and then download it from there to save in repository or lan drive and then take it to prod orchestrator by mania upload.


Thank you for your insight. I was able to get the unattended environment set up properly by created a new machine template on our PROD Orchestrator with the unattended license & changing the DEV machine template to a “testing” machine with a NonProduction runtime. I also tested publishing Studio projects to “Custom” and saving them to my local folder to import into our PROD Orchestrator and that worked as well.

The issue we’re having now is that none of our automations will run in the unattended environment since apparently that environment needs to also have all applications, web browsers, etc. that are accessed locally, also installed on the server.

Hi @ashley.n.andres,

I am glad it worked :slight_smile:

And yes that’s correct - having applications/browsers/extensions etc installed on prod machine as well is a must . Its part of prod machine setup and is a pre-requisite before productionizing any process to ensure all dependent systems are available.


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