AI Fabric - can't deploy document understanding package

Hi, I want to use AI Fabric to deploy document understanding package that uipath provided and use it in uipath studio via MLskill activities, but I always got the error when I try to deploy this package.

Somebody can help me pls?



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Hi @brandt84828

Generic Document Understanding model needs to be retrained before beind deployed as an ML Skill. If you just want to test the entire process I would suggest you to test it with invoices or receipts model. Also, Skill won’t be visible in generic ML Skill activity but only in ML Extractor activity (part of UiPath.Documentundersanding.ML.Activities package).



I will try it, thanks!

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Hi Jeremy how do I exactly retrain the Model? The one I’m trying to get to work is the Invoice Model and also I’m not entirely sure how to setup the dataset required for this out of the box ML package

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