AI Center Stopped Working post migration of VM from On-Prem to AWS

HI Forum Members,

I came across one isssue with AI Center ML Skills.
ML Skill was working fine until we have moved our on-prem VM to AWS.
After moving the VM to AWS we are getting the below error:

Data Extraction Scope: Request CorrelationId: f1b0e6ed-cbec-4806-b81c-46aa9499ca52
Request PredictionId: FUj7+Y+0NF3bc8DdoOZa1jzbxKn4EKOpb7or5SirkrA=_e99d28ee-fe13-42fd-85bd-35dabf595fde
The SSL connection could not be established, see inner exception.

Current Infra
We are on cloud setup
VM on AWS now
AI center on Cloud

I have already raised this with UiPath Technical Assistant :02110036_AI Center Stopped Working
Let me know if someone can help.
This seems to be an issue with some URL which get blocked, Just need to find out the core of it.


I hope your issue was resolved via our technical support :slight_smile: