AI Center : ML Skills Are Not Visible In The ML Skill Activities In Studio

ML skills created in AI Center are not visible in the Machine Learning extractor activities or ML skills activity in Studio.

  1. Ensure below points are taken care to avoid this issue:
    • For Automation cloud, ensure Robot is connected to the right tenant where AI Center is enabled and have ML skills created.
    • For AI Center on prem, ensure that the Robot is connected with Orchestrator ,which is configured in AI Center and Robot should be created in the same tenant, for which there are ML skills created in the AI Center application correspondingly.
    • ML skills created using UiPath Document Understanding packages are only visible in UiPath Machine Learning Extractor/Trainer activities and not in UiPath ML skills activity .
    • Similarly ML skills created using any other packages, are only visible in UiPath ML skills activity and not in UiPath Machine Learning Extractor/Trainer activities
  2. In the AI Center GUI, make sure that the package under ML Skills is marked available
  3. On the Studio machine, try going to the AI Center URL. If it shows a not secure icon, the certificate needs to be trusted. See Using a Certificate for the HTTPS Protocol
  4. On the Orchestrator server, go to the following location
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Orchestrator\web.config - For 20.4 and below
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Orchestrator\UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config - For 20.10 and above
    • Check to see if the server URLs defined in the config file reference the IP address of AI Center or the URL. The keys to check are:
      • AiFabric.MLServiceURL
      • AiFabric.MLSkillURL
      • AiFabric.MLPackageURL
      • AiFabric.MLLogURL
      • AiFabric.MLTrainerURl
    • If the URL references the IP address, try changing it to the hostname
  5. If the above items do not identify the issue, a fiddler trace can be done to see what is causing the issue
    • Download Fiddler Classic
    • Open Fiddler -> Tools -> HTTPS and select enable "Decrypt HTTPS traffic". Make sure to Trust the certificate
    • Try refreshing the activity in Studio. There should be corresponding calls made to the AI Center service.
    • Also try refreshing the Orchestrator settings in the Resources panel in Studio
      • This will make a request to /odata/settings/XXXXX in Fiddler
    • Right click the capture, save it and send it to UiPath support for analysis.
    • Also if fiddler throws an error when refreshing the skills, see step 4.
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