No ML Skill is found in Machine Learning Extractor

Hey Everyone,
Its a bug that I found.
I have only one tenant enabled. And my ML Skills under tenant “Nashrah” in classic folder default is also shown. Same URL of tenant is connected with Orchestrator. But still ML Skills are not shown in the uipath studio.

Please resolve this issue so that I can proceed.

Hey @nashrahkhan ,

I’m currently facing the same issues but we have noticed that the person that created the ML Skill is able to see it. None of the other devs on the team can see this.
Have you been able to resole this

Iam facing the same issue. My ML skill is available in ai center but on the same tenant in studio, in MLskill option it shows no skill available. I have tried setting the ML skill to public. Can someone help?

Hey there
ML Extractor activity only shows Document Understnading related ML Skills. Here it looks like you are using custom or other ML SKills. Hence you should use ML Skill acitivity part of ML Services pack: