AI at Work | In-Person (24 hours) Hackathon is in Bengaluru this 25th - 26th November | Registrations extended till November 7

AI at Work Hackathon 2023, Bengaluru is now open for registration as the first UiPath Community in-person hackathon in 3 years!
This year, we invite you to bring on your innovative ideas around how you see AI Powered Automation enhancing the overall work processes experience.

:point_right: Some themes for you to explore for Ideation:

  • Improving productivity and efficiency using AI at Work
  • AI at Work, improving the customer/end user experience.
  • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants using AI at Work
  • Improving the health and safety of employees using AI at Work
  • Predictive Maintenance using AI in Automation
  • Any other ideas you’d like to solve using UiPath AI products.

AI at Work Hackathon 2023 will be organized in two phases:

:rocket:Phase 1: Ideation (Virtual)

During this phase, we’re interested in understanding your strategy for developing a solution to the chosen problem/business opportunity. Our team of experts from the community will evaluate your ideas based on the uniqueness, innovation, and potential impact of the problem being solved. The top teams shortlisted from this phase will be invited for the LIVE In-person Hackathon.

:rocket:Phase 2: Prototyping [LIVE 24hrs In-person Hackathon at UiPath, Prestige Trade Tower, Bengaluru]
:alarm_clock: Date: November 25 | 7:00 am to November 26 | 12:00 pm)

The shortlisted teams will be invited to the LIVE Hackathon to create a functional prototype solution for the selected problem. The shortlisted teams will have to build the solutions from scratch at the LIVE hackathon.

:trophy::1st_place_medal: AI at Work Hackathon 2023 Award Vouchers:

  • 1st prize – $3,000
  • 2nd prize – $2,000
  • 3rd prize – $1,000
  • Special awards for 2 teams - $500 each

Find out more details and register for the AI at Work Hackathon 2023 Bengaluru here.


Absolutely amazing opportunity :heart:

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So exited to participate

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Can we participate as audience during this hackathon?

Hi Deenu,

Sorry we dont have a scope of participating as audience here. You can register or join any team and be part of the hackathon. Would highly encourage that for having some hands on experience around the tech and problem solving.

Just Submitted our entry…Unfortunately very limited space provided to describe both Problem statement and detailed solution. No option of attachment as well. I had to literally reduce down a five module solution to 2 lines for the submission. Is there a way to submit an attachment?

Hi Aarti, Applogies for that. Can you please send me the link/attachment on I will add it to your submission thanks.

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Hi, I have submitted one Idea, but how can I submit another Idea. There is no option provided to submit multiple ideas.

Thank you Rohit! Have mailed you the details!

Hi submitted my idea yesterday in the last minute and observed there is no much space give for problem statement and solution details columns, submitted by reduced the description and submitted. Is there any way now to send the complete details of the idea which is already submitted.

Hi Shekhar, the limited information will be fine. You don’t need to send the details. Just in case you are sharing,
you can mail me the details on please do mention your team details as well. Team Name, Team Members names etc.

Thank you @Rohit_Radhakrishnan mailed the details

Are the finalists announced?

Finalists will be announced today and notified by mail. :wink::v:

Hi @Rohit_Radhakrishnan, we had submitted 2 ideas but in the mail it’s not mentioned which idea got selected.

Hi Ankit, you can chose any of the ideas that you have submitted to build during the hackathon.

Hi @Rohit_Radhakrishnan We have registered an idea as a team however my team members have not registered as they was not aware that individual registration was also required. can they still fill their names on the provided form?

Hello @oinamshanta , we wont be able to add any team members now since we have closed the registrations and it was already informed clearly in the instructions that everyone in the team had to register individually. Everyone from the team who got the confirmation can join a represent the team. Apologies on being unable to accomodate.