Aggregate Excel files

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I need your help please,

I have 10 excel files that contains 2 sheets (sheet1 and sheet2) I need to agreggate them in one excel file contain too (sheet1,sheet2), without knwowing the number of line fulfiled of each sheets in file.

N.B : the name of each file contain Number_Of_Downloaded_Document+ the date of the download

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@ifranity can u share sample excels and required output.

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Hi @Manjuts90,

please find attach files and the output file. (i’ve made two files as an example, but normally there is more than 10 file without knowing the number f line of each file)
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1234567890-21012019.xlsx (21.4 KB)
2314567890-21012019.xlsx (21.4 KB)
Output.xlsx (8.8 KB)

@ifranity You want data in all excels from sheet1 to sheet1 of output excel and all sheet2 data from all excels to sheet2 of output. Am i correct?

Hi @manjuts90

Yes exactly, aggregate all sheet1 of all files on sheet1 of output file, and aggregate all sheet of all files on sheet of output file.

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@ifranity Check below file once, u can optimize also. (47.0 KB)

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thanks a lot I’ll tested qnd i’ll let you know

thanks buddy :wink:

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sorry Man but that take only the firstFile !

Thanks for your time

@ifranity It was working fine, i sent you output also.

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Oh sorry again @Manjuts90 that work beacause I have a mistake on the extension file, I’ve used *.xls files,

but still worked just for two files, and on my case I haave more than 10 file.

any suggestion please ?

I’ve added a kill process in the end of each sequence, that work thanks a lot @Manjuts90

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@ifranity is Everything working fine now?

Yes that work thanks but I have a nother mistake, cause all my files are in *xls and i’m not able to execute the process with this extension ? any help ?

It gonna be really helpful if i execute the process with this extension of file

thanks again

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@ifranity Instead workbook read range u can use read range of excel along excel application scope. I think it solve ur problem

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Hi @Manjuts90,

please buddy how to remove duplicate rows on the first column of the output file

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@ifranity can tell how will be the input and expected output

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Hi @Manjuts90
this succefully done by adding remove duplicate rows. Thank you
Now I have issue with converting xls to xlsx.
Can you please send me again the project. Zip with modification below :
Read range into application scope, because I’ve tried to do that but without success.
Because all my files are in *. Xls format and process that you send me only treat xlsx files.
Big thank you.
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Any help

@ifranity Sorry for late reply bro, u have to use copy activity as one of the methods for changing xls to xlsx. I think u Don’t have any problem in reading xls files using Excel application scope Along with read range activity of Excel.

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@Manjuts90 Yes but the process took item with the extension so on the destination of copy activity that took “file.xls.xlsx”

any help please ?