Merge sheets

usecase1.xaml (11.4 KB) abc.xlsx (8.6 KB) i have attached my excel file what w have to is that diffrent sheet having to merge into one sheet in other excel file plz help


If all the sheets in your excel have same columns and the type of date, do the steps

  1. Use excel application scope and read the excel
  2. Use get workbook sheets ad it will retrieve all the sheets in excel
  3. Loop through all those and inside that, read every sheet data and store in a data table
  4. Use merger data table activity and merge all the sheets data.
  5. Finally use another application scope and then write the merged data table to that new excel

Hope this is clear

you can use merge datatable activity to merge multiple excel sheet.
Check this sample workflow…
hope this would help you. (15.0 KB)

thank you. i have another problem if we have a folder having different excels and we have to put into one excel contaninig diffrent sheets…plz hepl meabc.xlsx (8.6 KB) abc1.xlsx (8.0 KB) these two have in a folder

usecase2.xaml (9.9 KB) ihave attached the workflow

you want to write abc.xlsx and abc1.xlsx in one excel file with all sheets?

exactly so plz help me

1.assign…ArrVar= Directory.GetFiles(YourMainFolderPath,“*.xlsx”)
to retrive excel files in your folder.
2 Assing CountVar=1
3.Use for each and give Arrvar as value to iterate excel files.
4.Then use excel application scope to open excel files.
5.Inside Excel Application scope use get workbook sheet activity to retrieve all sheets in each excel.
6.use get workbook sheet Output variable in for each activity.
7.In for each, add read range activity and give sheet name as item.tostring and op as dt.
8.Add another excel to write dt in sheets. In That add Write range Activity and give sheet name as “sheet”+CountVar.
9.And Finally add assign to increment counter as CountVar=CountVar+1

Find the attached workflow… (15.5 KB)

its not working

Capture i am not getting the complete work flow plz help me out

ArrVar= Directory.GetFiles(YourMainFolderPath,“*.xlsx”)

write your main folder path istead of YourMainFolderPath…

i try but not working


here is an activity that may help you.