Copying multiple excel sheet to single excel with multiple tabs

How can we copy multiple excel sheets to single excel sheet with multiple tabs.
For example: I have 3 seperate excel sheets , I want to copy all of them in one excel sheet with 3 tabs.
Sheet 1 contains all data of 1st excel , sheet 2 contains data of 2nd excel and sheet 3 contains data of 3rd excel.
all Sheet 1 , sheet 2 and sheet 3 should be in one excel.

Hey @Aman2

Just read all Excel files by using either Excel application Scope->Read Range Or Workbook Read Range Activity it will return data with Datatable.

So use 3 Activities to read 3 Separate excel and then use either Excel Application Scope->Write range Activity or Workbook->Write Range Activity (3 activities with 3 sheetname like sheet1,sheet2,sheet3 ) with a new single file .

This is brief and simple information so easy to understand for all level :slight_smile:

There are more way exists :slight_smile: but better to follow simple first.