Community switches to StudioX, can't switch back

Hello, I installed Community Edition and it keeps on changing my profile to StudioX without any option to change of
profile. I tried with another account and it automatically switched again to StudioX. How do I permanently keep the community edition and/or switch back to it ?




I guess your plan is not CommunityPlan but Free plan.
For now, can you try to check your plan at Admin - License page in AutomationCloud?


Hello and thanks for your answer,

I am on pro trial, I attached the screenshot.

Best regards.

had you tried to switch if back like:


All right. Next can you try to check which license is assigned to your account?
If Automation express or Citizen developer is assigned, an you try to change it to AutomationDeveloper?


Hello, I don’t have this submenu displayed.

so follow up on the suggestions from @Yoichi and ensure that your account is also associated with the appropriate licence


Thanks for your answer it solved the issue.

Have a nice day.

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There is no option to Change Profile.

follow the topic from begin, as Yoichi mentioned the Licensing check

Ok I am trying.


It solved the issue.

Minal Patil

Very new to UiPath - Signed up for Community and only seem to get StudioX.
I read this post but don’t seem to have any Developer licenses. Am I missing something?
Thanks for your help,


According to the above image, your plan is free and there is no AutomartionDeveloper license in it.
Perhaps you should re-create your organization as Community plan.


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Thank you @Yoichi - the created a new account with Community plan and now have Studio :grinning: