After establishing a connection between the assistant and the orchestrator, a process is executed immediately

The problem is as follows. An unattended robot is parked on server A and communicates with server B on which Orchestrator is parked. As long as an application is running on Server A in Studio and via the wizard, everything works correctly. The status in the wizard is “Connected,Licensed”

If the same application is started from Orchestrator, the process gets the status “Pending” and nothing happens.

The strange thing recently is that if the connection on server A to the Orchestrator is interrupted and then reestablished, the assistant immediately starts with a process. However, this process is not queued or similar in Orchestrator.

In general, I believe that the problems with the execution of the unattended robots have arisen since the migration to “Default Migrated”. I hope I have expressed myself clearly.

For further information, screenshots or questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Hi @Dziekan

What I can say here is that If the connection between the Orchestrator and Assistant interrupts then if you start the job it will go as pending state but it will not show any logs or anything

Now when Assistant re-establish the connection to the Server then the pending task will run as it acquired the license to run the bot

Hope this may help you


many thanks for the quick response.

It may be due to the processes in Orchestraor being partially terminated and partially paused. There is no way to discuss or stop the suspended processes.

I have now deleted the process that was repeatedly restarted. Now everything is OK.

But starting applications from Orchestrator still doesn’t work.

You can’t be logged into the server as the robot when you try to run an unattended job. SIGN OUT from the start menu, then run the job from Orchestrator.

Thanks for the tip.

I logged out of the server with “Logout” and started the process again. Unfortunately, the process status remains “Pending”. Unfortunately, I don’t get a log of what’s happening.

I’m trying to start a new process, the runtimes are available, as is the license.

The process still remains in the “Pending” status.

The arguments are filled.

Is this really your production server? Try changing the runtime type to nonproduction.

Also, is Robot (ie when you installed UiPath on the server) installed in Service mode?

“Test environment” is just the name. When you try to start the process, the other options are “gray” and cannot be selected.

I’m not entirely sure how the administrators installed UiPath on the server.

The fact is that the unattended applications could definitely be executed on the server.

At what additional points could the “Pending” status be triggered.

Then you should find out. If Studio is installed, open it on the server, click Home, and look at the bottom left. It’ll tell you if it’s user or service mode.

The Pending status is triggered when there are no available resources (robots, machines, runtimes) available to start the Job. Is the runtime assigned an unattended runtime?

It’s Service Mode.

The runtime is executed unattended and no time specification is given to it.

Because there are no processes running on the server, it is definitely free and available.

In the event of a disruption between the Orchestrator and Assistant, initiating a job may result in it entering a pending state without displaying any logs or relevant information.

However, once the Assistant successfully reconnects to the server, the pending task will proceed, having obtained the necessary license to execute the bot.

I hope this explanation proves helpful.

Thanks for the tip.

It should be visible in the orchestrator which processes are queued, right?

In theory, the processes killed with “Kill” shouldn’t be in the queue, right?

Yes, It should not be in the Queue but staus should maked as Killed and Color is grayed out

It looks exactly as you described in Orchestrator.

Do you perhaps have further ideas?