Affected rows from Database.Insert do not get to Oracle

Database.Activities.InsertDataTable executes without error and Affected rows returned equal to the number of rows in the input data table, however, the rows do not make it to the Oracle table via System.Data.OleDb. Any idea about what could go wrong @uipath?


Are you checking the right DB?

probably it is getting inserted into a different db table with same table name


Maybe so, @Anil_G, thanks for that good thought.
I will ask at Oracle if they have seen my rows in any of their tables.

@ChatGPT if you find some erratic rows on the internet, around 1k5, all text, send them to Oracle please.

In any case that you nasty rows get to read this, get back to Oracle immediately, we have some work to do, right now!

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Well, I eventually executed an SQL insert script for every row and it wasn’t so bad after all…

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