I have read the excel file as data table and trying to insert the whole data table into HSQLDB table using INSERT activity in Database activities package. I can able to insert the whole data table into HSQLDB table. But it inserts all the numeric values as blank values and string column values as NULL value. I am not sure whether it is a bug or the feature not supported by HSQLDB.

I used same flow for PostgresSQL DB, it works fine. Any idea on resolving this issue?

Note that the connections are fine. i am using ODBC data source. when i iterate each row in the data table and insert one by one row into HSQLDB table, it works.


Hi @Gopi_Arumugam

Could you maybe show a snippet of what works and what does not? It would help a little to understand the issue.

Hi @loginerror ,

Really sorry for delay in response.

In UiPath, we have a activity called INSERT in database.activities package which is used to insert the datatable values into SQL table. It doesn’t works for HSQLDB. (Note that it inserts the datatable values into SQL table. but evertything as null not the actual values. For your information, I don’t have any trigger to update it as null)

So, I am just using FOR EACH ROW IN DATATABLE to loop each row in datatable and inserting row by row(iteration).

I Just want to know, Why the INSERT activity doesn’t works for HSQLDB?

Thanks in advance!!

Thank you for more information. I’ve saved this as an issue for our developer team to consider. I will keep this topic updated when more is known.

Hi @loginerror ,

In addition to INSERT activity issue, i am not able to call any function/procedure of HSQLDB. could you please look into this issue? does UiPath is not supported for some of the HSQLDB operations?


Our team investigated a bit and this is the conclusion:

Insert activity uses a DataAdapter to automatically generate the proper insert/update queries, based on database schema. In order to generate the queries, ODBC implements standard schema calls. This combination of HSQLDB and PostgreSQL does not return required metadata and the insert sentence provided is “Insert into TableName Default Values”.

We are still investigating, but it comes to the fact that having a DB that is not implementing the standard will not work properly.

Hi @loginerror ,

Any update on the above mentioned issue?


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