Advanced Training Assignment 2 - Waiting for Evaluation


Have you receive the feedback?


Hey Ovi ,I’m having the same issue. I’ve uploaded my assignment no.1 yesterday and still appears “Waiting for evaluation”. Please advice.


@ovi. I have completed my Assignment 2 and its still showing as “Waiting for Evaluation” for the past one day. Please advice. Thanks in advance


No, I haven’t received any feedback. The status is still showing as waiting for evaluation.


The status is still showing as “Waiting for Evaluation” and yet to receive feedback.



Yesterday I have Submitted my assignment, it is still waiting for evaluation. How long it will take.


Hello , I’ve uploaded the “Calculate Client Security Hash” Training about 4 hours ago, However it is still showing “waiting for evaluation” . Is it normal ? if not , Could you please help me to unblock the situation ?

N.B : i’ve already contacted the support team bu no feedback till now

thank you in advance ,


@hajar its fine, sometimes it may take longer time than usual


thanks @SHasan for your reply . However , the issue is still persisting


@hajar its fine, maybe there is an issue in the system that cause the delay. dont worry, i remember one of my assignments took 2 days to evaluate. so don’t worry dear :slight_smile:


Hello :slight_smile: It is fine now… the issue has been solved … Thank you