Advanced Training Acme website bug


I’m currently having issue with the reset data feature on the acme website. Everytime I try to reset my test data, it stops before being done (the loading bar never gets full) and then it says that my test data has been reset, but when I check it, only items of type WI5 and WI3 are have been generated. Since Assignment no 2 requires WI4-items, it’s impossible for me to test my workflow.

More info: I have tried restarting my computer, tested a different device, reset cookies and cache, tested chrome, IE, Edge and firefox. I think the javascript is broken or my account is somehow bugged.

Sometimes the reset data freezes, without the bar getting anywhere, sometimes it gets a short bit before freezing. Sometimes I get WI1 items but NEVER WI4.

Can UiPath team please fix this bug asap?? thank you.

EDIT: I finally got WI4 items. It took me 3 hours (!) to get them. I think UiPath team should really look into the acme website cause it seems very buggy and unstable!

Hey @efagerholt

Sorry for the very late reply, but we did some improvements for the Test Data reset functionality.
If you still need it, now it should work better.

Best regards