Reset your Test Data for Advanced Training(Academy 2) Assignment 1 taking too much time

I am trying to reset the data to test my workflow with new data. I tried it 2-3 time but it seems to be stuck at 20-30% . Has anyone else faced this issue ?

Which browser you are using? Switch to IE.

@Stefan_Vrabie - Any Idea? mate :slight_smile:


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I have the same issue. It’s been like 10 minutes now since I am waiting for the data to reset, using IE. What should I do? :slight_smile:

I tried it in Chrome and it worked but it took 10-15 min.

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Thanks for your reply. I started with IE and then switched to Chrome and it worked. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

IE or chrome, the data never resets for me. It remains same as below for hours together. frustrating :persevere:

Help pls…

Yeah I know :frowning: Try it in multiple browsers and clear cookies, close other instances of browsers. It will eventually work.

Finally resetted test data. “” - worst site i have ever encountered. Every now and then it throws error ‘server hung’. ufff…

UiPath team, please consider changing the assignments without involving this site. It is really frustrating and time wasting process to wait for this site to be up.

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I have the same problem and it’s really frustrating since it’s stopping me from finishing the Advanced training tasks, although otherwise things are working fine. Changing the browser hasn’t helped so far.

Also, since there are now no work items at all in my Work Items list, I cannot continue the training with the current ACME account.

UiPath please consider fixing/replacing this site. It is causing unnecessary delays in finishing the certificates.


I actually see this in my Chrome console, when trying to reset the data:

A fix for this problem would be much desired!

Ok, now it is suddenly working again. No idea why.

Again, it would be really good, if UiPath could use a different app or fix this one.
There should at least be some sort of an error message shown on the page, if fetching
the data fails.

This portion of the pages javascript does write a message “failed to get content script” into the
web console of the browser, but users with a non-technical background would likely benefit
from an actual error message on the page itself:

else {
// Content script not available; retry later
if (maxTries > 0) {
window.setTimeout(getContentCode, pauseTime);
else {
console.log(“failed to get content script”);

Also, seeing this error message in the console will not always mean that resetting the
data fails.

Yup. It really takes quite a long time (over 15 minutes!) for me as well. It would be way faster if I start resetting the data manually…

I had same problem… I’m not sure is that solution or was I only lucky. I downloaded Firefox and changed waiting times/connection time limit in Firefox setting to very high. Then it worked. It also worked next time directly, but did not test any other browser anymore…