Advanced assignment 2: get Confirmation ID from chrome popup

Hi all,
In level3 advanced training I can’t seem to get the confirmation ID. When I try to use “get text” or UI explorer when this pop-up is active, UI path’s blue selector goes really slow, PC nearly freezes until I press [esc].
When the pop-up is closed, it works fine but I can’t select the text for “get text” activity.

(screenshot taken from another topic)

Have you experienced this and how did you work around it? I’ve found this in UI explorer, maybe I can use this? Or is there a better solution?
" alert('Report was uploaded - confirmation id is ’ + msg.responseText) "

Never mind, I’ve worked around this by using Internet Explorer for the uploading segement.

Can you share what workaround helped you get the confirmation ID. I am stuck at the same step.

I used IE instead of Chrome. In IE i could easily select the text.

I’m a Rookie, but wanted to see if I could do everything with Chrome. I handled this one by using a “Get Full Text” and then doing RegEx to pull the confirmation ID. It worked but I’m not sure it is elegant.


Use Scrape Relative Activity.

Thanks. Like you I wanted to keep everything in Chrome. Using “Get Full Text” works and only appears to get contents of the popup, so performing the analysis of the content works well.
I tried “Get Visible Text” and “Element Exists” but they did not work.
Regards, Dave

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i am printing the texted that is scrapped using the get full text activity in a message box but the message box is empty when i run it