RPA Advance training Level 3 - UploadYearlyReport (Internet Explorer cannot generate the confirmation id)

I’m facing of problem to retrieve the Confirmation ID from the Internet Explorer. I had been researching for solution but none of it seem to work for example like reset the data and change browser but if change browser you need to get the text form the alert message pop up but the selector will find hard to capture it instead it capture the entire browser. Is there any solution toward this problem? Thank for helping in advance.

Since, chrome may not able to detect pop-up messages, Try this in chrome:
1)use click image and indicate pop up- change click type double
2) send hot key- Ctrl+A… so selects entire text in confirmation message.
3)use copy selected text to copy text- output to a variable
4) use assign activity and extract confirmation id from copyTextvariable by data manipulation.

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Wow @SaiKrishna147 Just what IT WORKS !!! :clap::clap::clap:Thank you. Now i’m proceed to complete the rpa advance training.:muscle::muscle::muscle:

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Congrats! You can close this thread and mark my answer as solution.
Happy Automation!

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