Advanced assignment 1: get text (and split text?)


I have a problem in Advanced training assignment 1.

I am using ‘Get Text’ to get Client ID, Client Name and Client Country. I used Anchor Base and in Find Element I used the Client ID. In the Get Text the system did not recognize the ID value so i drew a rectangle around the value. I thought this would have returned me only the Client ID, but now I am getting all three (Client ID, Client Name and Client Country) in the output variable.

Should it be so or am I doing something wrong? Because I don’t remember having similar problems in the foundation training.

Right now I have the information in the following format (in the output):
Client Country: XXXXXXXXX

How could I get the correct information from here by splitting the text?

I would really appreciate the help! Thanks!


You can refer to this will get the solution.

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Thank you @samir and @tshedzamclay! I’ll try proceeding according to your advice!

Have a great weekend!

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