Adobe Sign Activity - API Error - Issue with VisibilityInfo


I’m trying to update the agreement using the activities package using the PUT operation of updating an agreement’s visibility to Visibility Info.HIDE

however the object UI does not let me use VisibilityInfo. For some reason there is a VisibilityInfo and a VisibilityInfoVisibility (which includes the value of HIDE or SHOW as shown in the API documentation). Problem is the invoke Sign Operation only receives valid data type of VisibilityInfo. VisibilityInfo seems to not be usable:

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Hi @Shawn_Ngoh

Have you tried making a variable of this type and using it there? One other way would be using syntax with new, i.e.

new List(Of String)

But naturally instead of List(Of String) you’d use the full Data Type of VisibilityInfo that is required.

I haven’t used this activity package, that that would be my guess at this point.