Adobe Sign Activities - Request for Search Operation

Currently Adobe Sign Activities has not been updated for the latest API version’s commands.

Specifically I would like the Search method be added in the activities package:;!/search/searchResources

What this does is allows me to filter agreements by status (Signed agreement, Waiting_for_my_signature, etc).

Currently the method I’m using is getAgreements which gets all agreements. As I want to process only unsigned agreements, the time to do a for each loop and check statuses is inefficient.

In addition there is a slight typo here: (“Actiivities page” should be “Activities page”)

Also I would like to see how webhooks can be employed to send new agreement requests information to the Orchestrator as a queue item.

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Hi @Shawn_Ngoh

Thank you for your suggestions. I’ve recorded them in our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

I am also happy to report that the typo has been fixed in the meantime :sweat_smile:

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Hi, Is this issue resolved at your end? kindly let us know. Thanks

No, as of version 1.0.5

The Search API command is not within the available list of APIs to invoke with the activity. I’m having to get all agreements and filter by visibility only.