Adobe Sign Activities - Unique Data Types and Initializing them

Hello All,

I’m trying to use the invoke Adobe Sign Operation which leverages the Adobe Sign API to login.;!/users/getUserViews

This command requires a json object with the following keys (which also have its own key value pairs): UserViewInfo and CommonViewConfiguration

I tried deserializing the json string:

“{‘name’: ‘MANAGE’, ‘commonViewConfiguration’: {‘autoLoginUser’: true}}”

I was successful in deserializing but I can’t assign this Jobject value to the parameters in the activity:

I have no idea how to initialize this UserViewInfo since you normally would specify it as a json object…

Please help!

I figured it out…

For some of these unique data types that were originally a json object(review the api documentation), I’ve created the json string and then deserialized it. Under the deserialize activity you need to specify the actual datatype uipath made, not the normal json object data type.

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