Adobe Acrobat Crashing while using "Type Into"

One of the tasks I was asked to automate was to autofill redundant information in PDFs. For example, these PDFs are forms that ask for name, date, etc. numerous times throughout. I have everything scripted and it runs well until it gets to the second page. As soon as it finishes filling the first two blanks, Adobe crashes and UiPath throws an error that states that the UI element can’t be found. I tried deleting the script for the original third item to see if that was the issue, but no matter what, it crashes after filling the first 2 blanks of the second page no matter what the third item is.

Hi @DerJager

Please make sure the below settings/configuration for Adobe Reader is already set.

Hope this will be helpful. Thank you.


For that specific blank field Instead of type into did we try other two options

  1. First one is pass the string you wanna type to SET TO CLIPBOARD activity
    And then use SEND HOT KEY activity indicating that element with key as ctrl+v

  2. Second option we can use SET TEXT activity instead of TYPE INTO activity provided we can choose that field as a individual element

Cheers @DerJager

Set text didn’t work, I’ll try the clipboard method.

I don’t think that the clipboard method will work either because I have over 5 items that have to entered numerous time throughout the PDF.