Adjust Format of Number to a Currency Format in a String


Can someone help me by explaining how I can convert numbers into a currency format (while eventually converting it to a string).

I managed to extract numbers from a string and stored them as a string. The output is as follows:

StringNumber1 = 2
StringNumber2 = 50023
StringNumber3 = 1204560
StringNumber4 = 50
StringNumber5 = 0

These numbers are currency values, and would like to convert to the following format:

StringNumber1 = 2 → 0.02
StringNumber2 = 50023 → 500.23
StringNumber3 = 1204560 → 12,045.60
StringNumber4 = 50 → 0.50
StringNumber5 = 0 → 00.0

The last to numbers are in this case always the cents, so if the number has less than 3 digits, a zero would need to be added to the string to make it a currency format. Currency signs like $ € are allowed to be added, but are not manadory.

Thanks for your help,

Hi @WouterBCE,

You can use this activity to get respective format…


Hello, can you help me, I need a formula to format a value.

For Example I’m scrapping form a web page a currency value “0,007257” so in the SAP, it value isn’t acceptable because have more than 5 digits after “,”.

So I’ve used the formula to delete the last number, but when the web page shows the conversion of the currency in (five digits after the “,”) “0,00725” I have a problem because the systems continue to delete the last digit, and that web page do this a lot because the value is aways in variation.
What Can I do for solve this, that activity is a part of a Big Activity I’m trying to automate because is a diary activity in SAP - OB08