Adjust Format of Number to a Currency Format in a String


Can someone help me by explaining how I can convert numbers into a currency format (while eventually converting it to a string).

I managed to extract numbers from a string and stored them as a string. The output is as follows:

StringNumber1 = 2
StringNumber2 = 50023
StringNumber3 = 1204560
StringNumber4 = 50
StringNumber5 = 0

These numbers are currency values, and would like to convert to the following format:

StringNumber1 = 2 --> 0.02
StringNumber2 = 50023 --> 500.23
StringNumber3 = 1204560 --> 12,045.60
StringNumber4 = 50 --> 0.50
StringNumber5 = 0 --> 00.0

The last to numbers are in this case always the cents, so if the number has less than 3 digits, a zero would need to be added to the string to make it a currency format. Currency signs like $ € are allowed to be added, but are not manadory.

Thanks for your help,

Hi @WouterBCE,

You can use this activity to get respective format…