Converting data to decimal after Get Text Activity with keeping the original format

Hello all,

I need to make a robot which saves currency data from a pdf in a website. I used Get Text Activity and it returned a GenericValue in that form: 4.000,00

My problem is this: I need to save the data in the same format into an Excel sheet but before that I have to make some calculations with them - so firstly I need to transform them into decimal format.
I tried Format Value but it did not seem to work. I used the data with ToString method and removed the “.” and “,” and I was able to convert it to decimal but the format was lost when saving them into excel.

Can you please help me with this problem or how I could use Format Value or in the future how can you save currency data from text and convert them into decimals with keeping the format!

Thank you for your replies!

Will the below thread solve your issue:

Thank you PAD,

It seems this solution works:)