How to change numeric format?

Hi Uipath,

I need help with my problem.

I am extracting a numeric variable to SAP.

let say after get text activity I have the value below:

Example: 29.730.935,00

and I want to transform it into this format 29730935.000

May I know how can I do that?

Advance thanks to everyone :slight_smile:

Hi @alvin.c.apostol26,

You can use this assign.

strVar = strVar.replace(β€œ.,β€β€œ).replace(”,β€œ,”.") + β€œ0”

Can you try this please.

Kind Regards

Hi @alvin.c.apostol26

Have you tried with Format Value activity

Check out the docs


Hi @alvin.c.apostol26

You can also try with Replace method

Use Assign activity

OutputVal= "29.730.935,00".Replace(".","").Replace(",",".")+"0"



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