Excel- Adding Multiple Columns into excel without Data

Hi All,

I have one excel sheet with column headers.
I want to add multiple columns at particular location in that file.
Sample.xlsx (7.7 KB)

In this file , have 10 columns like sample1 to sample 10…
i want to add sample11 column in between sample3 and sampl e4…
and sample12 column in between sample6 and sample7…

Can you please provide solution with workflow?

Thanks in Advance…


@SagarSB try below workflow it will help you. It will work if your excel has atleast one row of data.

AddExcelColumn.xaml (9.8 KB)

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My excel is containing huge data…
after the execution it is filling Column1 - column n into empty column

Please help

@SagarSB i didn’t get you can you elaborate your problem?

the solution which was provided by you is not able add column to sheet.

After successfully adding column into file…at the end these column get automatically added

@SagarSB may be ur excel which u have read has empty values that is the reason u got those extra things.

no it is not empty ,it is having huge data

@SagarSB how many columns u have added? check ur workflow once clearly.

i have added 2 columns…one at 3rd position and another at 9th position.

@SagarSB can i see your workflow. if your ok